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  Allie says "hi!" I recently submitted a question to Ask the Coach, a writing blog.  I was pleasantly surprised today to see that my question was featured on the Ask the Coach site!  Please check it out! Interesting suggestions from the Coach that I will look into further. Here's my question: Today’s question is about getting past feeling stumped and how to find an “idea person” to help make that happen: “My writing style is that I get an idea and start writing to see where the story goes. I don’t do outlines. I’ve gotten ideas for stories from thinking up a name, or a killer last line comes to me, or from a writing prompt. I’ve written complete novels from those particular starts. A few of those I set aside for months (or years) before the idea for where to take the story comes to me. On one I’m working on now, I’m about 10,000 words in and stumped. I need an idea person. My question is:  are