Allie thinks I'm invading her privacy.  That's her I'm not happy look.

The tuna casserole was a success (even if it looks creepy in the picture).  My sister Sheila came over to try it.  She thought it was good but seemed more like a pasta dish than a casserole.  I forgot that I meant to add green chilis until I was in the middle of putting it together, but that can of green chilis I thought I had turned out to be nonexistent.  Maybe next time I'll make a list before I go to the market.  Maybe next time I'll put in jalapenos, too.

Here are the casserole and the iffy Palmini recipe:

And, in case you were wondering, here's a picture of my odd onion.  It's creepy, too.  Don't worry...I threw it away.

I've already found my next cooking project.  It's from The Oaks, a spa in Ojai, so it should be super healthy (at least that's what I'm telling myself), only 180 calories.  It's called "Artichoke Chili Stuffed Potato." It's kind of like twice-baked potatoes and sounds really delicious.  Maybe this weekend...

In book news, I have a new book coming out on March 9.  It's my fourth published book and the third book in my Pekin Dewlap Mystery series.  It's called "The Problem at Wisteria Gardens."  Related to the Pekin Dewlap Mysteries, the first book in the series was requested by an Italian publisher way back in 2019.  Today, I finally got my copy of the Italian book!!!  I'm internationally published!  I'll rest on that laurel for now...


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