Allie's looking at ghosts again.  She does this periodically.  And of course I believe her.  Most of my books feature ghosts after all.  👻  It's just too bad that I can't see them, too.  I did buy an EMF meter last year, just for fun, but it's never flashed into the red I See Dead People zone.  So, I don't know...

   One of my books, Under the Willows (a ghost story!), will be featured in the Bedside Reading program in the Hamptons (it's the weekend of the Hampton Film Festival in October).  I'm really pretty excited by the whole thing.  Too bad it's just my books that will attend, though.  Jane Ubell-Meyer, Founder of Bedside Reading, laid out the details of the campaign.  Impressive!  They offer wide-ranging author support and work hard to get the word out about books in their program.  Fingers crossed for a great response!!


    I'm trying out Facebook ads and Amazon ads.  The pricing looked so complicated, until I really investigated.  It still might be a little complicated, but we'll see if I did it right.  I'm curious to see whether it will spur any sales of my books.  But I know a lot of authors believe running these ads works for them, and I hope it will for me, as well.

    I hope you're all enjoying our country slowly returning to a semblance of normal.  Memorial Day spent with friends and without masks!  Who would have thought we'd ever get there?


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